Four Tracks


Multilateral Sister Cities

By pairing Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian cities together with a U.S. city in a multilateral sister city relationship, a platform for dialogue, participation, and citizen diplomacy will be created that will foster permanent relationships between cities.

CDI promotes and supports diplomacy through municipal relations with Russian cities as well; our first major city partnership was Novorossiysk during the Cold War in 1982. With more than 75 existing relationships, we are in a unique position to connect counterparts for collaborative projects.


When The people lead

In 2011, a Citizen Diplomacy Initiatives (CDI) delegation from the United States ‚Äčtraveled to Middle East to promote the goals of CDI with local and government officials, as well as film the documentary When the People Lead, based on these efforts. By producing and promoting this documentary, countless people will be inspired by the endless possibilities of this initiative, and have a better understanding of the means necessary to accomplish these goals.


the luminaries

The Luminaries are a hip-hop group from Los Angeles, California that promote peace and cooperation in the Middle East. In 2011, the group toured Isreal and Palestine promoting their message and playing concerts around the region. The Luminaries play an integral roll in united the people of the Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian communities through peaceful, positive music.


‚ÄčExpanding travel

By expanding the travel of people between the U.S. and the Middle East, people will have the opportunity to participate in Citizen Diplomacy, learn about new cultures, and build life-long friendships. For more information and opportunities to travel, visit